B.A. Psychology

Program Overview

Advance your career with an online B.A. Psychology from Rivier University. The skills learned in this program will give you a foundation in psychology to help you start your career in human services. The ability to understand others helps people become better communicators, leaders, and problem solvers – skills that transfer to virtually any industry.

Students at Rivier develop strong writing and analytic skills to become innovative thinkers and creative problem solvers. Specialized study topics in the psychology program include drugs and behaviors, counseling theories and practice, human sexuality, social psychology, and more.

Graduates can pursue careers in multiple human service settings, in roles such as social service case managers, residential counselors, youth rehabilitation counselors, group care workers, site support specialists, research assistants, and behavior interventionists. Other opportunities include careers in education, marketing, communication, business, and much more. In addition, graduates are prepared to pursue more education in an advanced degree program.

This program takes place in a convenient online learning environment, allowing you to complete your education and maintain your current work and personal schedule. Multiple term starts, a generous transfer credit policy and competitive tuition rates are all designed to help you start, and finish, faster. Rivier University has been educating students to transform the world for more than 80 years, so you can trust you will receive a high-quality education in a format designed to help you succeed.

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  • Next Start Date: July 8, 2019
  • Est. Program Length: 2-4 years
  • Credit Hours: 121
  • Course Length: 7 weeks

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Course Map

The degree requires 120 credit hours for completion and tuition is $360 per credit hour. Students can transfer up to 90 credits into the degree, so it can be completed in as little as two years.

General Education Requirements (42 credits)

Foundation Courses: 12

  • ENG 120  Composition in Context: 3
  • MA 112 (or above)  College Algebra: 3
  • RIV 120  Dignity, Work, Vocation: 3
  • REL  Elective: 3

Area Distribution Requirements: 18

Choose two courses from each area:

  • Humanities: English, History, Modern Language, Philosophy, Religion
  • Natural/Physical Science, Mathematics and Technology: Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Math, Physics
  • Social Sciences: Economics, Geography, Human Development, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Social Work

General Education Liberal Arts Elective: 12

Choose four courses from the Area Distribution Requirements above.

Major Requirements (31 credits)
  • PSY 101 General Psychology: 3
  • PSY 204 Biostatistics: 3
  • PSY 205L Statistics Lab: 1
  • PSY 206 Experimental Psychology: 3
  • PSY 404 Sensation and Perception: 3
  • PSY 407 Introduction to Neuroscience: 3
  • PSY 408 Coordinating Seminar: 3
  • PSY 200  two electives: 6
    • PSY 203  Psychology of Communication
    • PSY 208  Child Psychology
    • PSY 210  Human Sexuality
    • PSY 211  Adolescent Psychology
    • PSY 212  Lifespan Development
    • PSY 230  Forensic Psychology
    • PSY 240  Social Psychology
  • PSY 300  two electives: 6
    • PSY 301  Drugs and Behaviors
    • PSY 304  Cognitive Psychology
    • PSY 305  Psychology of Women
    • PSY 306  Adult Psychology
    • PSY 307  Personality Theory
    • PSY 308  Health Psychology
  • PSY 400  one elective: 6
    • PSY 400  History and Systems of Psychology
    • PSY 401  Psychological Testing and Assessment
    • PSY 402  Counseling Theories and Practice
    • PSY 403  Clinical Psychology
    • PSY 405  Transpersonal Psychology

*A prior course in college algebra or quantitative literacy, such as MA 123, is strongly recommended before taking PSY 205.


General Electives (48 credits)

Free electives provide students with the opportunity to study content areas that meet personal, professional, or vocational interests.

Admission Requirements

Rivier University operates on a rolling admissions systems. Students may apply for admission at any time and are notified of acceptance within 2 to 4 weeks from the date their application is completed.

A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 is required for admission into the B.A. Psychology degree.

Transfer credits from regionally accredited 2- and 4-year institutions are accepted. To transfer credits, you should request that your official transcript be sent to: Rivier University, C/O The Learning House, 32 Mount Joy Street, Suite 300, Mount Joy, PA 17552. Your advisor will review transcript and determine how many credits are transferable to your chosen program of study.

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