Future Tech Trends And How They Will Influence IT Managers

Every year, the “next big thing” in technology is introduced and all sorts of forecasts about its impact on the future are published. But the following tech trends have withstood the test of time and worth and are here to stay. So how might these trends change the way IT managers work in the future?… Read more »

Your Guide to School Nurse Salaries

School nursing began in the United States in 1902, when the first school nurse was hired to reduced absenteeism by helping students and families with healthcare needs related to communicable diseases, according to the National Association of School Nurses (NASN). Since then, the specialty continues to provide communicable disease management, but it has expanded and… Read more »

RN Resume Guide

Whether you’re a recent nursing school graduate eager to begin your career, or an experienced nurse looking for a new professional opportunity, constructing a proper resume is the first step on your journey to success. An RN resume that reflects your unique skills and personal experience is the key to standing out to employers, making… Read more »

How to Negotiate Your Nursing Salary

There are several important factors to consider when exploring career options. While education and job responsibilities are essential components, the matter of salary typically tops the list. Nursing salaries are determined by workload, experience, and education. It takes dedication, diligence, and countless hours of clinical experience to earn a nursing degree. Add long shifts and… Read more »

Business Writing: How Does It Work?

Communication is a critical part of success in business, whether it’s sharing project updates, sending a sensitive email, or pitching a new business proposal. But while communication underpins almost every task, communicating well can be difficult. Business communication, and specifically business writing, has its own rhythm. The good news is, it’s a skill that can… Read more »

Understanding the Digital Marketing Funnel

While marketing has existed for centuries, the way that marketers interact with customers has changed significantly in the last few decades. The advent of the internet and the rise of social media have led to major shifts in marketing strategy. Digital Marketing Funnel vs. Traditional Marketing Funnel The idea of a marketing funnel has existed… Read more »

RN Salary Guide by State

Knowing the average RN salary can be helpful when you’re looking for a nursing job. Since nursing salaries can vary from state to state, understanding which states have the highest earning potential allows you to more effectively choose where you want to practice. This guide provides you the tools you need to learn what the… Read more »

Types of Nursing Certification

As the nursing shortage continues, it becomes more critical to fill nursing vacancies with skilled, highly qualified registered nurses. An estimated 100,000 nursing jobs go unfilled every year, and more than 500,000 RNs are expected to retire within the next five years. Nurses with specialty training in fields like gerontology and informatics are becoming more… Read more »

Nurse Practitioner vs. Physician Assistant: What’s the Difference?

Registered nurses can pursue degrees — from the bachelor’s to doctoral level — that open up a variety of job opportunities. With a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), nurses can move into leadership positions or become specialty nurses. With a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN), graduates can become nurse practitioners (NPs), also known… Read more »

MLM Rankings: The Top 5 Multi-Level Marketing Businesses

The prospect of working from home is becoming increasingly popular. According to The New York Times, a recent Gallup poll reports 43 percent of employees work remotely some of the time. Of those, the number working from home four to five days per week has jumped to 31 percent. Modern workers seem to be embracing… Read more »