Rivier University

Experience Textbook-Free Online Education

Open educational resources (OER) are changing the way we learn, and Rivier University is at the forefront by adopting OER in two of our online MBA programs.

Beginning in Fall 2018, instructors for the MBA in management and MBA in marketing programs will use OER in place of traditional textbooks. This means digital, openly licensed content is available free of charge to students — and you’ll save about $1,500 in textbook costs.

Discover the Benefits of Learning With OER

The use of OER in two of our graduate business programs allows us to select coursework that fits today’s dynamic student needs, providing you with a better, more unique learning experience. OER often feature multimedia and other progressive elements, so you can learn with interactive and relevant course content. With OER, you can:

Experience a More Affordable Online Education

In addition to our competitively priced tuition, OER allow you to access the learning resources you need without the high price tag of traditional textbooks.

Access Course Materials from Anywhere

Rivier is proud to make your education more accessible by going textbook-free for two of our online MBA programs. Content is available on a variety of devices, so you can engage more conveniently with what you learn and find the resources you’re looking for — anytime, anywhere.

Stay current with the most reliable resources available

Instead of traditional learning materials, Rivier’s OER courses include features like immersive activities, animations, interactive simulations, journals, online textbooks, open courseware and more.

Utilize more materials, authors and perspectives

With the OER, Rivier students can read, listen, and even watch different OER content in a course. This will help you engage better with what you learn.